Monthly Archives: September 2009

USpeak – Anonymous Discussions

USpeak - Anonymous Discussions We are very pleased to announce the launch of USpeak. USpeak is a free service allowing anybody to create anonymous and confidential discussions. The discussions on USpeak are anonymous because all messages posted on a discussion are anonymous. The user who created the discussion itself also remains anonymous. However, all participants see who is participating in the discussion, they just don’t know who said what. Discussions are also confidential because a discussion is only visible to its participants. With USpeak, we hope to make it easier for people to talk about delicate, unpopular or taboo subjects. Here are few scenarios:

  • A corporation wanting its employees to give anonymous and interactive feedback about things that could be improved in the organization.
  • A family member expressing his/her views on a taboo subject.
  • An individual in a group wanting to change things and trying to create a momentum.

We firmly believe Freedom of Speech is for everybody and we hope USpeak will encourage people to freely speak their thoughts. For more information, see USpeak FAQ.