Managed Hosting

We developped your application and we know how to host it. With managed hosting, we take care of everything. We ensure your application always runs smoothly and your data is always safe. See the options below for managed hosting.

Shared Servers Dedicated Servers
Price $20 / month
(cancel or upgrade anytime)
Starts at $50 / month
(payable one year in advance)
Fully managed
No technical knowledge required
Data backup and replication
Protects against data loss
Regular system updates
Keeps your application safe
SSL certificate
Secure https access
Light usage
Maximum 1 request / second
Custom domain name
Heavy usage
Up to hundreds of requests / second
Isolated environment

Hosting at your Premises

If you already have all the infrastructure required to host your application, you may want to leverage it. We will provide you with the application package that you can deploy in your production environment. In that case, you will be responsible of maintenance tasks like backing-up your data, applying system patches, etc. In terms of infrastructure, you need:

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