How to Add a Free “Client Login” to your Website

This 2 steps tutorial explains how you can add a professional and fully-functional Client Login form to any website at no cost. See below a screenshot of my website with this Client Login form (in the navbar, top-right corner):

Client Login

This “Client Login” will allow you to securely exchange any files (big and small) with your clients: invoices, statements, project plans, photo/video productions, etc.

Step 1. Get a free account at IO Road

IO Road is a professional file transfer service designed to transfer BIG files (few GB) securely. The good thing about it: no monthly fees. This means you can sign up (no credit card required), configure it (your brand), add users (clients) and it costs nothing $0. You even get free credits at sign-up.

NOTE: There will be a fee only when (and if) you transfer files, but the rates are very low anyway: $0.000122 per MegaByte.

Signing up to IO Road is straightforward, but if you need some help, refer to the wiki page Sign up to IO Road in 3 Steps. When this step is completed, you will own the new domain:

Step 2. Add the “Client Login” (HTML) to your website

Variant 1: Simple Link

On the top menu, you can add a simple link like this

In the code above, change mydomain to the domain you chose at IO Road.

Variant 2: Client Login Form

If you have more real-estate in your menu you can go with the html form with this code:

Here again, change mydomain to the domain you chose at IO Road.

Caution: Make sure to use https (not http) in the form “action” attribute, otherwise this will not work.