Sharing few thoughts on my startup experience

I am glad to learn that IO Road has been published on FeedMyApp. Lately, I’ve been doing some PR for and it is good to get a tiny bit of recognition from an independent organization. I believe I am very good at developing software, but launching a product like IO Road requires more than “begin good with software development”. So if you need a lesson of humility, you may consider launching a new product 🙂 . I am learning a lot in this process, which is good because it was one of the intended goals (and I was prepared to that)

The biggest challenge for me is to choose where to put the resources (time and money, but mostly time). I am trying to apply some principles of the Lean Startup and I realize the more I apply them, the more I understand them. Which mean I did not fully grasp them in the first place. Like the ‘MVP‘ thing, I realize I could have been much further with the ‘M’ part :).

Also, sometimes it is tempting to fall to the dark side of SEO, but I don’t believe I can actually beat Google’s algorithm, lol. If I had to develop a search engine, after a few days of thinking, I believe I could come up with pretty clever ways of using machine learning (mostly clustering) to detect “unusual linking patterns”. So I don’t even want to imagine what top engineers at Google came up with after years and years of improvements to their algorithm. This keeps me on the safe side, or at least, that is what I believe. For that matter, I am wondering how Google actually sees this post. At least, it is an honest attempt to share few thoughts on my experience.