So you have a new product or service? You are not sure how to promote it online?

The Problem

When launching a new product, it is sometimes hard to know in advance what key features will be the most appealing to our future customers and how to promote our product. So let’s test some variants! This is called A/B testing.

Setting Up The Test

In our case, our SaaS File Transfer Solution has many interesting features. The test consist to select 6 prominent features of the product and create a landing page for each. Each page will focus on the selected prominent feature first, but also mention the other features. On each page, we have a “Demo Trial” form inviting our prospect to try the product.

Measuring The Results

Measuring the number of signup from each landing page is the easiest way to measure the interest in the feature. With tools like Google Analytics, we can make even more detailed analysis.

Speeding up the process

Once the test is running, we may realize we do not get much visits to our site. With paid advertizing, we can speed things up. We just have to create 1 Ad for each variant of the landing page.

  • Short Headline: Affordable File Sharing Solution
  • Long Headline: Affordable File Sharing: Start at $19/Month for Professional, Feature-Rich Client Collaborations.
  • Description: Experience top-tier file sharing without breaking the bank. Elevate client collaborations starting at just $19/month!
  • Short Headline: Scalable File Sharing Solution
  • Long Headline: Scalable File Sharing: Unlimited Users, Admins for Seamless, Scalable File Sharing with Clients.
  • Description: Expand your client connections seamlessly. Our scalable solution adapts to your growing file sharing needs.
  • Short Headline: File Sharing Automation Solution
  • Long Headline: File Sharing Automation: APIs, Integration, High-Speed File Transfers for Effortless File Sharing with Clients.
  • Description: Boost productivity with file transfer automations. Integrate seamlessly for efficient client collaborations. Try it now!
  • Short Headline: Effortless File Transfer Solution
  • Long Headline: Effortless File Transfer: Centralized Management, Organized Folders, User-Friendly Interface.
  • Description: Simplify client collaborations with our easy-to-use solution. Organize, share, and impress with every file transfer.
  • Short Headline: Reliable File Transfer Solution
  • Long Headline: Reliable File Transfer: Professional, Easy-to-Use, Dependable Solutions for Client Interactions.
  • Description: Choose reliability for client file transfers. Our SaaS solution ensures every file is delivered with utmost professionalism.
  • Short Headline: Secure File Sharing Solution
  • Long Headline: Secure File Sharing: Authenticated, Encrypted, Reliable Transfers for Client Collaboration.
  • Description: Trust our SaaS for secure and professional file transfers. Elevate client collaboration with peace of mind.

Author: Jonathan Demers